Environmental Protection

We care about our planet.

We are committed to preventing and reducing the impact of our operations on the environment. 

Since Day 1, Environmental Protection and Sustainability have been rooted in our business ethics and codes of conduct. 

We are well aware that our supply chain, processes, and products have direct and indirect environmental, climate and biodiversity impacts. We, along with our business partners, seek to identify and find effective ways of eliminating or reducing these impacts. 

Our production plant is certified by the ISO14001:2015 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. However, we regard compliance with the system and laws as our minimum standards and always strive to go beyond.

Renewable Raw Materials and Biodegradable Products

The core business of Yeser Chemicals is to produce green bio-surfactants from renewable sources, i.e., coconut oil extracts.

More than 92% of the raw materials used in our production are coconut-derived and are recognized as renewable sources. Moreover, all the products we produce are highly biodegradable in the environment.

Such a business route, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, has enabled us to achieve great success. We will maintain it. 

coconut and deritives yeserchem
Green energy yeserchem

Green Energy and Efficient Use

Since the year of 2017, we have built a solar power system in our production plant. Today, more than 85% of the lighting, domestic and office electricity in our factory is generated by our in-house solar power system.

With our production plant being located in a well-designed modern chemical industrial park, 100% of our heat source needed for our production is centrally generated and supplied by a companion petrochemical plant. 

In addition to the facility implementation, we have also been executing very stringent assessment criterias for energy use among all our company members.

Rigorous Emission Management

Yeser Chemicals follows rigorous Emission Standards in our production plant. We have installed cutting-edge waste-treatment devices, all networking directly with the municipal Pollutant Emission Monitoring Center.

Before being discharged into the environment:

Waste water must be precipitated, decontaminated, and neutralized;

Waste gas must go through dust removal and desulfurization before being discharged into the air;

Solid wastes are sorted, recycled, and reused.

Waste emission management yeserchem
Recyclable packaging yeserchem

Reusable and Recyclable Packaging

Packing materials play a significant role in our operation. Every day, a considerable amount of packaging, including drums, tankers, and bags, is used in the supply chain from our suppliers to us and from us to our customers. 

Proper selection and management of these packing materials are essential components of our environmental programs. 

We ensure all the packaging in our supply chain is reusable, recyclable, and perfectly selected for the correct usage scenario. Whenever applicable, we always seek to return the packaging to the origin for repeated usage, from us to our suppliers and from our customers to us. 

Today, around 90% of the shipments from our suppliers to us and around 65% of the shipments from us to our customers are made in reused packaging. 

Development and Promotion of Eco-friendly Ingredients & HE Formulations

Our R&D team has been devoted to developing innovative eco-friendly materials and HE(high-efficiency) formulations for home and personal care products.

HE formulas are formulas that can achieve the same cleaning and conditioning goal with less amount of product used, in the meantime, less water and electricity consumed. Less product use contributes to less packaging(commonly made of non-degradable plastics) discharged into the environment. 

Over the years, we have been sharing our R&D results in this regard with our customers and encouraging them to manufacture their home care and personal products with eco-friendly ingredients and HE formulas. 

RD HE formulations