Our Facilities

We keep investing in building and upgrading our facilities to ensure our leading position.

Our well-equipped production plant enables us to produce various coconut-derived bioingredients with top quality, in large volume, and at low cost. 

Manufacturing coconut-derived bioingredients has been Yeser Chemicals’ core business. Our production plant covers an area of 2.5 hectares. It’s elaborately designed and facilited with material tanks, production workshops, warehouses, waste treatment equipment, and laboratory.

Our workshops are equipped with 13 fully automatic production and canning lines, manufacturing a variety of key ingredients used in Home & Personal Care products, including CDEA, CMEA, CAB, CAO, EGDS, and so on.

Supporting Facilities

Yeser Chemicals’ production plant is located in a modern chemical industrial park hosting nearly 200 chemical manufacturing enterprises. 

One of the most significant benefits of being located in such an exclusive chemical park is that we have very near access to raw material and centralized energy supply, which allow us to produce at a lower cost.

In addition, the complete infrastructures and professional supporting management of the industrial park greatly guarantee our business continuity. 

Production Facilities

Yeser Chemicals’ production plant has 13 automatic production and filling lines. These lines are fully automated and enclosed. All production processes are continuous, monitored and controlled by a center PLC system. 

Our intelligent production lines not only guarantees extremely high production efficiency, but also ensure our production process untouched and uncontaminated, which makes our products meet the most strict standards, and absolutely safe to use in Home & Personal care products.


Our industry-leading investment in R&D is another solid foundation stone of our success.

We have built 3 modern laboratories, well equipped with complete experimental and analytical instruments, and ran by an expert team. In addition to developing innovative green ingredients, our R&D center has developed extensive formula expertise for a long list of detergents, personal care products, and cosmetics. 

Our expert team is always happy to share our reserved mature formulas or to develop new custom solutions with our customers.

Warehousing & Logistics

To deliver our products to our customers in the shortest time and in the best condition is one of our top concerns. To fulfill this, we have built very complete warehousing and logistics facilities. 

We promise to deliver in 15 days after ordering and always strive for the shortest lead time. 

Yeser Chemicals delivers globally by Ocean Shipping, Air Cargo, and Express Delivery.