News Release: Yeser Chemicals Celebrates Successful Annual Team Building Activities

Yeser Chemicals team building activites 2023

Annual team-building activities at Yeser Chemicals have always been noteworthy. This year, the event has uniquely transcended the usual, employing a commendable focus on sustainability, along with fostering unity and camaraderie. The details of this remarkable integration are to be revealed shortly. Endeavor to stay informed about the compelling narrative of this memorable occasion.

Fostering Industry-Academia Collaboration: Guangdong University of Technology Visits Yeser Chemicals

Guangdong University of Technology Visits Yeser Chemicals

Strengthening industry-academia relations, Yeser Chemical Industries recently hosted an educational facility tour for students and faculty from Guangdong University of Technology. Led by Yeser’s Chairman, students got hands-on knowledge of real-world industrial practices and interactive sessions on chemical synthesis processes and applications. This visit marks a key milestone in ongoing collaborations with the University, with both parties committing to foster the future generation of chemical engineers. Yeser Chemicals continues to support initiatives bridging the gap between academic learning and industry practices.

Exciting Partnership Announcement: Yeser Chemicals and CHORI CO., Join Forces to Innovate in the Japanese Market

Yeser and CHORI Partnership Announcement

In an exciting strategic move, Yeser Chemicals and CHORI CO., LTD. have joined forces to innovate in the Japanese market. The partnership promises to provide innovative, coconut-derived material solutions for various industries, leveraging Yeser Chemicals’ innovative R&D and reliable product supply and CHORI’s deep market understanding. The collaboration will help both companies realize unique application opportunities and vast market prospects in Japan. This crucial partnership marks a significant step forward in promoting biobased material solutions to Japanese industrial partners and end brands. Discover more about this partnership on our page.

Yeser Chemicals and Guangdong University of Technology: A Partnership Driving Innovation in the Chemical Industry

eser Chemicals and Guangdong University of Technology

Discover how Yeser Chemicals, a leading producer of eco-friendly coconut-derived surfactants, has forged a fruitful partnership with Guangdong University of Technology. Together, they are driving innovation in the chemical industry by developing safe, science-based ingredients for home and personal care products. With a strong emphasis on quality and innovation, this powerful collaboration emphasizes the importance of industry-academia research, fostering the growth of green chemistry and providing valuable resources for both institutions. Dive into the exciting world of chemical innovation and learn how this partnership is shaping the future of the industry.

Yeser Chemicals Achieves Impressive Results in 2022 with 32.8% Increase in Sales and 27.6% Growth in Profit

Chairman Yu Peirong giving speech at Yeser Chemicals Summary meeting 2022

Yeser Chemicals held its annual year-end summary meeting and celebration dinner at its headquarters factory in Dongguan City, China, on January 16th, 2023. At the meeting, Chairman Yu Peirong delivered a comprehensive and detailed summary speech, reporting on the company’s business performance in 2022 and recognizing outstanding managers and employees. The company achieved impressive results […]