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Emerging Trends in Hand Dishwashing Detergent Formulations in China

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Hand dishwashing detergents have become an indispensable part of household cleaning in China, especially in urban residences and public dining areas. With increasing living standards, there’s a growing emphasis on personal safety and hygiene. This trend, coupled with heightened environmental awareness, is significantly influencing the development of dishwashing detergent formulations. Consumers now demand products that not only effectively remove grease but are also safe, skin-friendly, and environmentally sustainable.

Pouring dishwashing liquid onto a sponge for washing dishes

Enhanced Efficiency in Pesticide Removal

The Need for Effective Pesticide Removal

Modern agriculture heavily relies on pesticides, making their residue on fruits and vegetables a common concern. Effective removal of these residues is vital for ensuring cleaner and safer food consumption.

Innovations in Formulation

The inclusion of compounds like sodium citrate or sodium phosphate has been shown to significantly enhance the removal of pesticides, especially heavy metals like copper, arsenic, and lead. This innovation marks a crucial step in formulating more effective and consumer-friendly dishwashing detergents.

Skin-Friendly Formulations

Balancing Cleaning Efficacy with Skin Care

While dishwashing detergents must efficiently remove grease, they should not excessively strip natural oils or irritate the skin. This balance is a key focus in recent formulation developments.

A close up of hands washing dishes with rich foam

New Surfactants and Ingredients

The advent of mild surfactants like betaines, imidazolines, and nonionic surfactants such as amine oxides has revolutionized dishwashing products. Notably, Alkyl Polyglucosides (APG) have emerged as a cornerstone ingredient, providing excellent cleaning performance while being skin-friendly and biodegradable. Their synergy with other surfactants like AES/FAS significantly enhances cleaning power while reducing skin irritation.

Concentration Trend

Moving Towards High Concentration

The trend towards more concentrated dishwashing detergents is driven by factors like packaging efficiency, transportation cost reduction, and environmental impact.

Evolution of Concentration Levels

Historically, the active substance concentration in these detergents hovered around 20%, which has now evolved to formulations with concentrations as high as 60%. This shift not only speaks to improved efficiency but also aligns with sustainability goals.

Incorporation of Enzymes and Natural Extracts

The Rise of Natural Ingredients

Innovative formulations now include natural extracts such as ginger and garlic, known for their deodorizing and antibacterial properties. This approach not only enhances the product’s efficacy but also its appeal to health-conscious consumers.

An array of natural ingredients extrated from plants and fruits

Enzymes in Dishwashing

Specialized enzymes are increasingly being incorporated into dishwashing detergents, offering targeted cleaning benefits. Their inclusion is poised to become a major trend in the market.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices in Detergent Manufacturing

Yeser Chemicals’ Commitment to Sustainability

Yeser Chemicals, aligned with these evolving trends, commits to sustainable practices in detergent manufacturing. By using eco-friendly ingredients and processes, Yeser Chemicals ensures its products meet the highest environmental and safety standards.

Certifications and Achievements

The company proudly holds certifications like ISO 14001, indicating its dedication to environmental management. This commitment reflects in its product range, encompassing sustainable surfactants and eco-friendly formulations.


The evolution of hand dishwashing detergents in China reflects a broader shift towards safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Yeser Chemicals stands at the forefront of this evolution, continuously innovating while upholding its commitment to sustainability and consumer safety. Consumers are encouraged to choose products that align with these progressive values, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Written by:
Jun Xie
Jun Xie
Jun is the head of R&D at Yeser Chemicals. He holds a master's degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology. After joining Yeser Chemicals in 2013, he has been dedicated to researching and developing new coconut-based green surfactants and their safe uses in Home & Personal care products. In addition to serving as the Head of R&D at Yeser Chemicals, Jun is the director of the Guangdong Green Surfactant Engineering Technology Research Center and a member of the Standard Committee of Guangdong Daily Chemical Chamber of Commerce.

Yeser Chemicals is a leading producer of CAPB, CDEA, CMEA, EGDS, and other various Coconut-derived surfactants.

By self-manufacturing and 3rd-party toll-manufacturing, we provide a long list of safe ingredients, including surfactants, conditioners, thickeners, etc.,  used in Home & Fabric Care, Personal Care, and Cosmetics.

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